Work Related Injuries

Work Related Injuries

Work-Related Musculoskeletal Injury (WRMI) :

A wide range of inflammatory and degenerative diseases and disorders that result in pain and functional impairment…arise when an individual is exposed to work activities and work conditions that significantly contribute to their development or exacerbation but which do NOT act as the sole determinant of causation

“[WRMIs]affect the soft tissue of the body, such as the muscles, the tendons that connect muscles to bones, ligaments that connect bone to bone, nerves and blood vessels. These disorders have also been referred to as: cumulative trauma disorders, repetitive strain injuries and overuse injuries”. -SHARP (Safety and Health Assessment and Research Prevention)

Repetitive, labor intensive work

Younger (<30) During first 5 yrs or practice >50% (including practicing students) unofficially state sustaining WRMIs, yet do not report these injuries to proper personnel.

Lifting and/or equipment


Responding to unexpected movement

Manual Therapy

Failure to take rest breaks

Inadequate staffing

Inadequate training on injury prevention

Note: Lifting and transferring pt’s is the most likely cause of injury secondary to the following contributing factors: awkward shape of a body (i.e. not compact, no handles or easy places to grab), combativeness, contractedness, demented

Prevention of Injuries:

Risk Assessment


Bio-mechanic and ergonomical training, lifting and manual handling with hand/body as main tool, safe use of equipment, effects sustained postures, caseload variation, work organization, working with other professionals


Lifting techniques

Maintain neutral spine