Very knowledgeable and friendly

Martha got straight on to my calf issues explaining what was going on with the muscle and what needed to be done. I was fairly sure before seeing her that I would need surgery after a year of unsuccessfully trying to heal it through rest but a series of stretches (of some linked muscles I never would have thought of) and slow strengthening has started bringing it back to life. Many thanks for your help. David

David Morley

Neck and shoulder

Marta’s practice is well situated plenty of parking space, not overpriced for the area ,acupuncture and ultrasound available moreover very professional hands on physiotherapy so definitely money well spend. Marta is very dedicated and professional lady with plenty in of experience. I hade severe pain in my neck and shoulder for month and she done everything in her power to help which I can’t thank enough. Strongly recommended.


Back Pain

Iv had a lot of Pains in my Back. Was Recommended by BUPA for Treatment /Physio. Martha, was recommended to me. She Magic. Vg at her Job. Know what to do. Friendly. Walk out feeling a new Person. But I need constant Treatment, because of my Job. But I can Highly Recommend her Services. Worth going to. You won’t be sorry, if you use Martha/ her Clinic.

David Morrison

Outstanding treatment

I recently sustained an injury on my left shoulder. Within a couple of days, I noticed I couldn’t move my shoulder, raise nor stretch my arm. It became extremely painful with the inflammation radiating down to my elbow and my hand becoming swollen.
I could hardly rotate my neck, experiencing some serious stiffness and some lingering pain in the middle of my back.
I contacted Ashford Physiotherapy Centre and Martha welcomed me a day later. I truly appreciated being offered an appointment so quickly.
Martha displayed so much patience while listening to me. Extremely professional, caring and very focused, she impressed me with how thorough she examined me and immediately diagnosed the cause of my problem.
Martha precisely and patiently went through the mechanism of my shoulder, the interconnection of all the muscles and explained how the incident triggered the inflammation.
She clearly set about curing the cause of the inflammation through a course of precise and specifically targeted treatment including manipulations, massages and ultrasound. She went beyond restoring mobility in my shoulder by also focusing on my neck and entire back with a mixture of firm pressures.
Martha gave me comprehensive advice, reassuring me and encouraging me to keep working upon my shoulder via a set of exercises. She even offered her assistance between appointments , should I need it.
I can highly praise Martha for displaying such great expertise. The results were amazing within 3 sessions out of 4 sessions. I am ever so impressed she has kept monitoring my well being and ensuring I have been feeling stronger in my shoulder. So much care and attention.
I praise you, Martha, for being such a remarkable and highly skilled physiotherapist , for being an extremely kind, caring and dedicated person.
I deeply thank you for offering me such a well tailored and unique service and I am ever so grateful to you.
I would highly recommend Martha to anyone in need of physiotherapy treatment.
A truly outstanding treatment. Pure excellence.

Annie Reumond

Fabulous service and super-lovely physiotherapist

Went in with a painful knee from knotted quads. Martha fixed it up nicely in two appointments. She’s super skilled, super professional and really lovely to chat to! Very reasonable rates too. Would recommend Ashford Physiotherapy to anyone with a problem!

Catriona Camacho

Definitely recommend

Fantastic friendly and knowledgeable staff. I had a pain in my right knee Martha quickly diagnosed it and started her magic. I had 6 sessions in total and by the last session my knee had massively improved. Definitely recommend.

Gary Saunders

Excellent service

I met Martha after my car accident which left me with very bad whiplash. I had knots in my neck and shoulder muscles. Martha was brilliant, she kept me informed of the treatment, gave me exercises which help build my strength. I have never met such dedicated person who takes so much time and patient to get things right👍



My excruciating back pain was nothing I could endure. I was accustomed to walking briskly, now all I could do was shuffling along! A simple turn or to bend was unthinkable. Going to Martha for the first time, I hardly knew what to expect. But her caring and welcoming approach soon had me feeling comfortable and prepared for the manipulating muscle treatment that was the only way to stop the terrible pain that went from my back to just above my hip, sitting working all day before a computer can cause that. Walking away from the clinic was like a miracle, though very sore, I felt so much better. After two more sessions, and acupuncture, that was it, she was done! Her advice to take care of myself and do exercises were equally important. With such positive and effective treatment, there is no need to suffer in silence and I highly recommend her service. Thank you so much Martha.

Monica Forrester

Painful left leg

I went to Martha with a number of muscle problems in my left leg. Through six weeks we worked through the problems to remove them and identify the core problem of a trapped nerve in the glutes. By therapy muscle tension and knots were removed. I was surprised at how weak my left leg was compared to the right and that I had never noticed it. I was amazed on a couple of occasions when after Martha had done her magic how much stronger the muscle was after several minutes of therapy. I thoroughly recommend Martha.

Chris H

Brilliant hands on physiotherapist

Great treatment. I had 2 separate issues. I needed physio after having Achilles Tendon surgery and problems with my neck.

Martha is fantastic.


Effective, professional and knowledgeable

Martha is a skilled and professional physiotherapist who provides a highly effective service. Having used the services of many others in this field over the years, I would now only return to Martha.

She operates with care and compassion and her knowledge and experience shine through.

Thank you Martha

Gary Fielder

Excellent service and dedicated physiotherapist

My husband had sustained an injury in his left ankle after a fall from nearly 10ft high, resulting in multiples fractures and dislocation in his ankle. Due to the nature of his injury it was not suitable for surgery instead only conservatory management. In spite of attending Physio in hospital my husband could still not stand firmly but, after attending Martha’s clinic he is able to stand and walk without crutches and is now back at work. Martha’s friendly nature, motivation, care and compassion and exceptional PT skills has really helped my husband throughout this difficult time. Thanks, Martha. God bless you.

Helen P

I was referred to Martha

I was referred to Martha for treatment for long-standing knee problems after a private surgical consultation recommended physio to build up wasted leg muscles. After six sessions of a combination of Martha’s effective hands-on manipulation and straightforward home exercises I can now walk more easily, my hip is less painful and climbing those pesky stairs is less daunting. Thank you Martha.

Kay Smallbone

Excellent physio treatment

My mobility was compromised by painful arthritis Martha is amazing she explained my condition and how I would benefit from physio. Martha is kind and caring and her treatment has been very effective it has reduced my pain and my mobility has improved.
Thank you so much Martha ☺

Diana Mcwilliam

Thorough and thoughtful care and treatment

I was referred to Martha after a severe Achilles’ tendon injury. Martha showed me exercises that would aid my recovery and strengthen my tendon. She carried out my treatment whilst reassuring me of my recovery. The gentle encouragement, support and attention to my treatment ensured that I have made a swift and full recovery. I have full confidence in the techniques applied to my injury. I would not hesitate to recommend and refer friends and family to Martha for treatment should they ever require physiotherapy.

Rachel Tillotson

Focused/attentive service by Martha and

Focused/attentive service by Martha and team which is highly effective, would recommend


I have received physio in

I have received physio in the past which I have not found too helpful, however my current physiotherapy treatment at Ashford is amazing I left feeling a different person, she really helped with my pain.

charlie cliffe

Physio treatment

Great service, definitely recommend for some great treatment and helpful advice.

Helen Cleary

Fantastic diagnosis and excellent physiotherapy

I ruptured my gastrocnemius and Martha provided excellent physiotherapy and provided me with a great array of exercises to aid recovery. Delighted to say that 2 months later, I’m running again and have just completely a 5km run in a personal best time. Thanks Martha!

Jon C

Excellent service, making a great

Excellent service, making a great difference in my wellbeing and contributing to my recovery.
Throughly Recommended.

Helen Cleary


I have had physio in the past, but this physio treatment at Ashford is amazing. Martha is fantastic, she knows how to treat the patient and cares deeply for their needs. A* rating

Michelle Cefalo


what a brill job

Neil Randle

Good Service. I would recommend

Good Service. I would recommend

Ravi Tennela

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