Ashford Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy centre was founded by Martha Saripalli at Ashford Health centre and at Green clinic, oxford to provide finest diagnosis, treatment and advice for patients. All our practitioners are highly skilled, experienced and professionally qualified. Our therapists are registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and members of the Charter Society of Physiotherapy ( CSP). In order to offer you the maximum standard of care, we maintain excellent communications and patients referrals with a wide and long-term network of NHS and private General Practitioners, Orthopaedic and Neurosurgeons. Our standard approach At Ashford Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy centre, we assess your condition in the framework of your needs to map out a route to achieve and maintain your health and vitality. We strives for reducing pain, promoting healing and encouraging full rehabilitation of those parts of the body involved in movement Our treatments are based on the latest evidence to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time, expertise to deliver care to you with utmost professionalism. We are open every Monday, Tuesday (only in Oxford), Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8am-8pm. For treatment booking please call or send SMS to : 07758221023, email: [email protected]