Deep Tissue Massage & Kinesiology

Whole Health Healing – The Heart of Wellbeing

Whole Health Healing is a holistic journey about finding yourself and being in tune with

your body. We have a passion for life and are highly enthusiastic about health. Caring

for our health is about learning how to listen to our bodies on every level; from the food

we eat, to the thoughts that we think. We can achieve this through Massage &

Kinesiology; everything matters from the physical level down to the cellular level. We

want to show you how you can take care of your own bodies and ultimately heal


What Is Systematic Kinesiology?

Systematic Kinesiology was developed by Dr. Goodheart in 1964. The therapy works by

using the body’s biofeedback mechanism through muscle testing to gain information

about the client. When we test muscles, we are tapping into a network of

communication in the body. Each time a muscle is weak or is switched off it is an

indicator that there is an imbalance in that particular system in the body.

The aim of kinesiology is to create balance again in 4 areas:

  1. Emotional
  2. Chemical
  3. Physical
  4. Energy

Why is Kinesiology the right treatment for you?

In the world of today we have become used to ignoring the messages our bodies are

giving out. Kinesiology enables us to communicate with the body at a subconscious level

picking up information that has been stored and deep rooted over time. It is a tool kit,

not only to help with present issues, but can be used as a preventative.

What happens in the treatment?

You as the client will be fully clothed wearing comfortable clothing in which you can

move freely. Based on the issues you have come with the therapist will tailor the

treatment specifically to you creating a thorough and bespoke session. Once we have

detected the muscles, which are switched off, we then go through a process to

strengthen and rebalance the muscle.

The methods can include:

  • Lightly massaging Neuro- Lymphatic points,
  • Holding Neuro- Vascular points
  • Holding Meridian Interchange points
  • Balancing Meridians by tracing
  •  Checking for Nutritional deficiencies (without a blood test)
  • Finding Bach flower remedies to support emotional stress.

The benefits of Massage and Kinesiology

At Whole Health Healing we offer a range of Massages:

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Hot Stones
  • Indian Head Massage

Massage helps to improve circulation all over the body, promoting muscle relaxation.

This brings nutrients, oxygen and blood supply to the muscle tissues, therefore

increasing flexibility in both the muscles and joints. Massage is a great way of improving

lymph flow, which helps to lower blood pressure. Whether you need to de-stress and

relax or reduce muscle tension and stiffness, massage can provide so many benefits to

the mind and body, improving your overall wellbeing. It can help with anxiety,

depression and improved sleep. Coupled with Kinesiology, these two complementary

therapies create a totally holistic treatment which cover:

  • The maintenance of the Physical Body
  • Creating a Healthy Emotional State
  • Improving Diet, Nutrition & Energy Levels.

It is a fantastic package, which helps you to shift into better lifestyle changes allowing

you to make better choices and feel great about your health.

Surekha – Your Therapist

I have been healing for over 15 years. I have always loved to nurture my inner self

allowing peace and harmony to flow into my life naturally. I used and learnt about many

different practises such as Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, Ayurveda, Massage, Diet

and Nutrition and positive thinking. I was on a journey to heal myself having suffered

migraines for nearly 20 years alongside long-term muscle tension, blood sugar

imbalance and IBS. On that journey I found great passion in helping others who were

also suffering. After all my learning over the years I have found so much strength from

Massage and Kinesiology both as a receiver and a giver. I have seen people shift into

directions they never thought they would, finding themselves in a better place on all

levels. Anyone can take the journey. Anyone can make the change.

Surekha Patel


Landline: 01784212626

Mobile: 07758221023

Email: [email protected] (best contact)

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Price List

Swedish Massage

30 mins £35

40 mins £45

60 mins £60

Deep Tissue Massage

30 mins £35

40 mins £45

60 mins £60

Hot Stone Massage

30 mins £45

40 mins £60

60 mins £75

Indian Head Massage

30 mins £35


75 mins £45

Massage + Kinesiology

120 mins £85